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By Gary Nisbet
John Warrington Wood

Born in Warrington, as John Wood, he studied at the town’s School of Art, assuming the name of his birthplace to distinguish himself from other students called John Wood.

After further study with John Gibson in Rome, where he settled, he produced a number of ideal works, portrait busts, statues and architectural sculpture in marble.

His ideal work includes The Sisters of Bethany, Kibble Palace, Botanic Gardens, Glasgow (1871, exhibited at RA , 1879), which was derived from the Gospel of St John (12: 1-7), and presented to Glasgow by Dr Douglas White of Overtoun, in 1936 (cat no. S.207).

Although cleaned as part of the refurbishment of the Kibble Palace in 2005-7, no attempt was made to restore the figures; Martha having lost her right thumb, and Mary having lost the tips of most of her fingers.

His architectural sculpture includes the seated statues of Raphaelle (sic), Michelangelo, Liverpool and the Figurative Reliefs on the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (1877).

Amongst his other works are, Eve, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (1871); St Michael Overcoming Satan, Warrington (1877); and the statue of William Romaine Callender, Manchester Town Hall (1880).

Exhibiting at the RA , 1864-84, he was elected to the Guild of St Luke, 1877, and was appointed as an adjudicator in the selection of sculptors for the panels on St George’s Hall, Liverpool, 1882.

John Warrington Wood died in his native town of Warrington in 1886.


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Sisters of Bethany (1871)
Sculptor: JW Wood
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