Glasgow - City of Sculpture
By Gary Nisbet

AThe Architect
AAAcademy Architecture
ABJArchitect and Builders Journal
AGNAdministrative General Notes
AJArchitects Journal
ARAAssociate of the Royal Academy of Art, London
ARBSAssociate of the Royal Society of British Sculptors
ARCAAssociate of the Royal College of Art
ARIBAAssociate of the Royal Institute of British Architects
ARSAAssociate of the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
BThe Builder
BABritish Architect
BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation
BIBuilding Industries and Scottish Architect
BISABuilding Industries and Scottish Architect
BJThe Builders Journal
BNThe Building News
CBECommander (of the Order) of the British Empire
DMDaily Mail
DNBDictionary of National Biography
DRDaily Record
DSODistinguished Service Order
ECAEdinburgh College of Art
ETEvening Times
FIASFellow of the Institute of Architects in Scotland
FRBSFellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors
FRIBAFellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects
GAGreenock Advertizer
GAPCGlasgow Advertiser and Property Circular
GCGlasgow Citizen
GCAGlasgow City Archives
GCCGlasgow City Council
GCCJGlasgow Chamber of Commerce Journal
GCMGlasgow Corporation Minutes
GGGlasgow Gazette
GHGlasgow Herald
GIAGlasgow Institute of Architects
GMAGGlasgow Museum and Art Gallery, Kelvingrove
GOMAGallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
GPThe Govan Press
GSAGlasgow School of Art
GSSGlasgow Sculpture Studios
GUABRCGlasgow University Archives & Business Records Centre
GWHGlasgow Weekly Herald
HThe Herald
HAGHunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow
HKHoneyman & Keppie Job Books
HLIHighland Light Infantry
HMHunterian Museum
HRIHonorary Member of the Royal Institute
HRSAHonorary Member of the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
HTMLHyperText Markup Language
ILNIllustrated London News
MCCMaryborough City Council, Queensland, Australia
MLMitchell Library
MMMcLean Museum, Greenock
MSPMember of the Scottish Parliament
NATSNational Art Training School
NLSNational Library of Scotland
NMRSNational Monuments Record of Scotland
NTSNational Trust for Scotland
PAIPaisley Art Institute
PHPPHP Hypertext Preprocessor:
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PHTPenang Heritage Trust
PMSAPublic Monuments And Sculpture Association
PODPost Office Directory
PODsPost Office Directories
PRBSPresident of the Royal Society of British Sculptors
PRIBAPresident of the Royal Institute of British Architects
RARoyal Academy of Art, London / Royal Academician
RBSRoyal Society of British Sculptors
RCRoman Catholic
RCARoyal College of Art
RCAHMSRoyal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments in Scotland
RGIFARoyal Glasgow Intitute of the Fine Arts
RIASRoyal Institute of Architects in Scotland
RIBARoyal Institute of British Architects
RSARoyal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
SLTASSouth Lambeth Technical Art School
SMThe Scots Magazine
SNPGScottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh
SPThe Sunday Post
SSO6Scottish Sculpture Open Six Exhibition (1991)
TDTechical Drawing
UFUnited Free
UPUnited Presbyterian
VAVictoria and Albert Museum, London
VCVictoria Cross
VMVirtual Mitchell Website:
WLWatt Library, Greenock

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