Glasgow - City of Sculpture
By Gary Nisbet

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Periodicals and Newspapers
  • The Architect.
  • The Architect and Building News.
  • Academy Architecture 1891- 1915.
  • Avenue The Magazine For Graduates And Friends Of The University Of Glasgow. No.19, January, 1996.
  • The Bailie
  • The Builder
  • Building Industries and Scottish Architect.
  • The Building News
  • The Bulletin
  • Evening Times.
  • Glasgow Advertiser and Property Circular.
  • Glasgow Chamber of Commerce Journal.
  • Glasgow Gazette.
  • The Glasgow Herald.
  • Glasgow The Magazine For The People Of Glasgow:
    • (September, 2000), No. 17, Restoring Victorian Glasgow, Cover; Springing Back to life, p. 4; Gardner's golden touch, p. 4; Sculptures take centre stage in Glasgow, p. 9; Gardens Are A Glass Act, pp. 20-21.
    • (December, 2001), No. 23, Space To Savour 14 project will ensure Glasgow Green remains a firm favourite, pp. 22-23.
  • The Herald.
  • Heritage Scotland The National Trust For Scotland:
    • Ann Steele (Autumn 2000), Volume 17, no. 3, The Glories of Greenbank, pp. 30-33.
  • Illustrated London News.
  • Inverness Courier.
  • The Journal of Decorative Art.
  • Pollokshields Guardian.
  • Pollokshields Monthly .
  • Preview The Magazine Of Glasgow's Museums:
    • January to March, 2001. A Kelvingrove Centenery, p. 4; A Man Walks Among Us, p. 5; Frozen In Time, p. 11.
    • January to March, 2002. David Mach, p. 9;
  • Prospect News of what's on at the University of Glasgow:
    • February to May 1996, Glasgow's lost University, pp. 2-3.
  • Royal Institute of British Architects Journal.
  • The Scots Magazine.
  • The Scottish Art Review.
  • Southern Necropolis Newsletter.
  • South Side News
  • The Studio.
  • West End News and Partick Advertiser.
Miscellaneous leaflets, brochures, etc.
  • A Guide to the Architecture of Haggs Castle, Glasgow, c. 1985.
  • Glasgow Art Gallery & Museum Joint Architects John W Simpson and E J Milner Allen Completed 1901 An Architectural and Sculptural tour around the building, c. 1999.
  • Glasgow Development Agency. (1988) City Lights, Glasgow.
  • Glasgow School Of Art.
  • Glasgow University Chapel, Glasgow, May, 1990.
  • Heritage Trail What to see around the museum (St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art), c. 2000.
  • Provand's Lordship Welcome to the oldest house in Glasgow, Glasgow, c. 2000.
  • The History of Haggs Castle, Glasgow, 1976, rev. 1981.
  • Welcome To The Parish Church of Saint Constantine in Govan, Glasgow, 2001.
Collections and Archives
  • Edinburgh University:
    • Woodward (1997), Thesis.
  • Glasgow School of Art:
    • Governors Correspondence Books 1853-92.
    • Governors Minute Books 1847-1906.
    • Prospectuses 1900-14.
    • Reports 1854-1938.
  • Glasgow University:
    • Hunterian Gallery:
      • Honeyman & Keppie Job Books:
        • 1849-67,
        • 1861-76,
        • 1874-81,
        • 1881-94,
        • 1894-95,
        • 1894-1905,
        • 1902-08,
        • 1908-21,
        • 1920-28,
        • 1926-37,
        • 1934-57.
    • Glasgow University Business Archive:
      • Illustrated Catalogue of Macfarlane's Castings (c. 1885) sixth edition, vols. 1-11.
  • Mitchell Library:
    • Glasgow City Archives:
      • William Mossman Job Book.
      • Glasgow Corporation Minutes.
      • Administrative General Notes.
    • Virtual Mitchell:
    • Glasgow Room:
      • Calendar Of Confirmations and Inventories Granted And Given Up In The Several Commissariots Of Scotland, Edinburgh
      • Glasgow City Council Listed Buildings Statutory Lists.
      • Post Office Directories 1816-1983.
  • Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments in Scotland:
    • National Library of Scotland (Macgillivray MSS).
    • NMRS , Photographs, Glasgow, A -Z.
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