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By Gary Nisbet
George Tinworth

The son of a wheelwright, his mother's encouragement of his early interest in drawing and carving led him to study at Lambeth School of Art, 1861, and the RA Schools, 1864.

From 1867, he spent his the rest of his career working for Doulton & Co., of Lambeth, becoming their chief modeller.

He designed decorative tiles, animal groups and terracotta reliefs on buildings, including Doulton's.

Many of the firm's exhibits in the Kelvingrove International Exhibition, 1888, were of his design, together with a large Terracotta Fountain crowded with Biblical figures which stood under the dome of the main building.

He also contributed to the firm's stands at the World Fair, Chicago, in 1893. In 1895, Doulton's mounted an exibition of his work at their Glasgow showroom in Bothwell Street.

He also worked independently on commissions for ecclesiastical and public sculpture; executing relief panels for the Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks, London (1878), a Reredos for York Minster (1876-9) and the Henry Fawcett Monument, London (dem.).

In 1896, he produced the bronze portraits on the Sir Charles Cameron Memorial Drinking Fountain and Clock Tower, Charing Cross, Glasgow.

Tinworth exhibited at the RA from 1866.


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Works in our Database:
#266 1: Sauchiehall Street (Charing Cross),
Cameron Memorial Fountain and Clock Tower,
at junction of Woodside Crescent
Portrait Medallions of Charles Cameron
and Associated Decorative Work (1895-6)

Sculptor: G Tinworth;
Designers: RA Bryden (of Clarke & Bell) and Mr Lightbody of Doulton & Co;
Architect: RA Bryden (of Clarke & Bell)
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