Glasgow - City of Sculpture
By Gary Nisbet
Paul Raphael Montford

London born sculptor, he was the son of sculptor Horace Montford, with whom he trained before studying at the Lambeth and RA Schools, where he won a gold medal, the Landseer Scholarship and a Travelling Scholarship, 1891.

He taught modelling at Chelsea Polytechnic from 1898, and produced a number of architectural sculptures including, reliefs on Battersea Town Hall (1892), Cardiff City Hall (1901-5) and the figures of Caxton and George Heriot on the Victoria and Albert Museum.

He also executed bronze busts of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Westminster Abbey (1908) and Sir William Randall Cramer, Geoffrye Museum (1908).

In 1914, he won the competition for the four sculpture groups on Glasgow's Kelvin Way Bridge, but these were not erected until the 1920s.

After World War I, he moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he executed the War Memorial (1922) and public statues.


Works in our Database:
#198 1: Kelvingrove Park (West End),
Kelvin Way Bridge
Allegorical Figure Groups (1914-24)
Sculptor: PR Montford; Architect: AB McDonald;
Foundry: AB Burton; Builder: John Emery & Sons
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