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By Gary Nisbet
Richard Miller
(b. 1968)

Born in Leicester, he is currently studying for a degree in Fine Art Sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art (graduates summer 2003) although, since 1990, he has produced and exhibited a number of public and private works for numerous locations and galleries in the UK.

Whilst developing work in his own studio in bronze and other metals, he gained valuable professional experience working in 'Art Bronze' in Fulham, London, where he was a moulder, wax-worker and chaser, 1999, and in 'Bronze Age' sculpture casting foundry, 2000.

In 1991, he was awarded a Shepley Trust grant and later sponsored by General Accident to build and site his SSO6 exhibit as a permanent feature at the Member's House, Royal Zoological Gardens, Edinburgh (1993), and, in 1996, was commissioned by Glasgow's former Parks and Recreation Department (now Land Services) to produce a sculpture in a children's playground in Abernethy Street (1996-8).

Both sculptures are in the form of birds with outstretched wings; the Edinburgh work Eagle Flight, having a span of 8ft, and cast in bronze-resin, whilst Unite De Recreation, in Glasgow, is of ductile cast-iron, and is 11ft wide.

They are also intended to be a "catalyst between adults and children to promote communication, attention and harmony within the family in today's stressful environment... and family play through art" (Richard Miller). (Further information about these, together with photographs of the sculptures in the studio and in situ, can be found on Richard's website:

His many important exhibitions include Shore Gallery, Leith, 1990, the Scottish Sculpture Open Six Exhibition ( SSO6 ), Strathdon and Kildrummy Castle, Aberdeenshire, 1991, Art Exposure Gallery, Glasgow, and Millenium Connection, Glasgow College of Building and Printing, both 1996.

Amongst his small-scale work is Milkman's Column (1995), Synchronised Swimmers (1996), Slip Stream (1998) and Portrait (1999).

More recently, he was one of four sculptors representing Britain in the 19th World Snow Festival, Grindelwald, Switzerland, in which the team won first prize against eight other countries, 2001, and in 2002, was elected ARBS .


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#431 1: Abernethy Street (Haghill),
Children's Playground
Unite De Recreation (1996-8)
Sculptor: R Miller;
Commissioned by Glasgow City Council
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