Glasgow - City of Sculpture
By Gary Nisbet
(fl. 1998-c. 2004)

Glasgow based public art collective, named after the physicist and originator of Quantum Mechanics, Werner Heisenberg, formed by Matt Baker (top) and Dan Dubowitz (bottom) in 1998.

Matt Baker (b. 1965) was born in Devon and studied at the University of Sheffield, gaining a BA, 1986, MA, 1990, and spent two years working as a trapeze artist before becoming an assistant to sculptor Bryan Fedden, 1992-5, then set up Matt Baker Studios in 1995. He also lectured in architecture and Environmental Art at Hull University, Cambridge, Strathclyde University and Glasgow School of Art.

Dan Dubowitz (b. 1969) is of Afro-Hungarian origin, and graduated from Sheffield University in 1996 with a BA Hons Dip, having already been awarded a RIBA medal for architecture, 1995. He practiced as an architect with the New York based Peter Eisenman, 1992-3, and was NSK Artist In Residence, Ljubljana, 1993-4.

Heisenberg was formed in 1998 to undertake a programme of collaborative artworks exploring the cultural importance of urban wasteland space.

In 1999, they participated in Glasgow's UK City of Architecture festival with a programme of events and installations highlighting some of Glasgow's derelict buildings and spaces.

Their Gormley-esque Journeymen were particularly striking and popular features of their 1999 work, while their 'Requiem' for Springburn's Public Halls involved the illumination of the building with 2000 Vatican candles.

Their recent work includes the twelve, aluminium, female figures above the entrances to Tay Homes' residential development in Cathcart Road, as part of the Crown Street Regeneration Project (2001).

In 2002, they participated in the regeneration of the Queen Elizabeth shopping arcade as part of phase 2 of the Crown Street Regeneration, and exhibited photographs and samples from the fabric of the arcade and its surrounding flats at the Lighthouse, Mitchell Lane, in February 2002.

Heisenberg ceased to exist around 2004, when Dan left to concentrate on film making, and Matt to work on other sculpture projects.


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Works in our Database:
#353 1: Malta Terrace and Caledonia Road (Gorbals),
Part of Crown Street Regeneration Project
The Attendants (2002)
Artists: Heisenberg;
Architect: P Gough
#354 2: Malta Terrace and Caledonia Road (Gorbals),
Part of Crown Street Regeneration Project
The Gatekeeper (2002)
Artists: Heisenberg;
Architect: P Gough; Foundry: Powderhall Bronze
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