Glasgow - City of Sculpture
By Gary Nisbet
Bromsgrove Guild
(fl. 1898-1966)

Founded by Walter Gilbert, in 1898, and lasting till the 1960s, the Guild emerged from the Arts and Crafts Movement and produced decorative work in wood, metal, glass, embroidery, plaster, etc., for public and private clients throughout Britain.

They worked on a number of projects in Glasgow, including:

The plasterwork at Averley, 996 Great Western Road, and the Central Station Hotel (1900-08); the stained glass designed by H J Payne and Mary Newell at Stoneleigh, 48 Cleveden Drive (1900-06); the nameplates on the former Edinburgh Life Assurance Company building, 124 St Vincent Street (1904-6); the gates and sculpture at the Phoenix Assurance Building, 78 St Vincent Street (1912-3) and the metal-work in the former Union Bank, 110-20 St Vincent Street (1924-7).

They also produced the memorial to Lord Kelvin in St Columba's Church, Largs (1908).

In England, they produced the memorial to W E Henley at Hatley-Cockayne, from a model by EO Ford designed by the architect J W Simpson (1903); the brass memorial to G A W Huddart in Brynkirin, Wales, from a model by H H Martyn (1909); the famous Liver Birds on the Royal Liver Friendly Society Building, Liverpool (1911); the bronze enrichments on the Cunard War Memorial, Liverpool (1921); the woodwork, metalwork and stained glass for Holy Trinity Church, Southport; and the chancel gates and reredos in Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral (1903-24).

The guild's most prestigious commission was for the gates of Buckingham Palace (1912-13).


Works in our Database:
1: St Vincent Street (City Centre),
Former Phoenix Assurance Company, 78 St Vincent Street
Phoenix Trophies (1912-13)
Sculptors and Foundry: Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts;
Architects: John A Campbell & Alexander D Hislop; Builders: Thaw & Campbell
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