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I hope you enjoy discovering and exploring the sculptural and architectural treasures of Scotland's largest city. The website represents the culmination of more than forty years of original research into the specialized subject of the public and architectural sculpture of Glasgow. It covers over four centuries of sculptural work, with a wealth of material from the 'golden age' of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, as well as a host of work created in more recent times.

The website is now the most important resource available on the lives and work of the sculptors, carvers, architects and foundries who have contributed to making Glasgow a great and internationally renowned city of sculpture.

Numbering over 400 biographies, these are lavishly illustrated with images of the sculpture and buildings they produced, together with portraits of the artists themselves where available. Please bookmark this page so you can return to it later as the existing biographies are constantly being updated and new pages and images added.

If you have enjoyed visiting this website and it has been of use to you in providing information or images that you have been seeking, please consider making a donation to the site. This would greatly assist us in continuing our research and photography, and in developing the website further. Many thanks for your support.

Sculpture Database Our fully searchable Sculpture Database lists over 400 sculpture works in Glasgow, together with details of their locations, execution dates and the artists involved. It also gives links to image galleries and biography pages. The complete database can be sorted by street, district or chronologically.

We were honoured by RIBA, Royal Institute of British Architects by having our website named as Site of the Day. That was from Friday 22 March 2002 until the following Wednesday. You can visit the RIBA website at

Gary Nisbet's site is one of the best sculptors' biography sites I have seen on the web. I wish other cities had the foresight to do the same. Gary's research and Tim Gardner's web skills are producing an outstanding resource!
- Richard Collins Jan 2002

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Anderston Savings Bank, Glasgow
Savings Bank

Lamp Standards outside the Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow
Lamp Standards
outside the
Mitchell Theatre

Charing Cross Mansions, Glasgow
Charing Cross

Knowledge and Inspiration, Glasgow
and Inspiration

The Gatekeeper, Glasgow
The Gatekeeper