Glasgow - City of Sculpture
By Gary Nisbet
Tony Morrow
Studied at Dundee College of Art, where he is currently a lecturer.

He worked in collaboration with Nick Gillon on Lobey Dosser, Woodlands Road, Glasgow, commemorating the cartoonist Bud Neil (1997), and with his wife Susie on Desperate Dan, Dundee (2001), commemorating the famous character from the children's comic The Dandy.


  • McKenzie (1999) ;
  • The Times, Dundee salutes its comic hero, 14 July, 2001, News, p. 21.
Works in our Database:
#352 1: Woodlands Road (West End),
At the junction of Woodlands Gate
Lobey Dosser (1992)
Sculptors: T Morrow and N Gillon;
Foundry: Powderhall Bronze;
Plaque: Co-operative Monumental Services
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